Birthday, and Wedding, and Corporate Events, Oh my! Strike a pose with EventSnap


Are you looking for a great way to spice up your event and keep your guests entertained? EventSnap is a customizable selfie station that delivers memories right into your email inbox. Our selfie station is easily portable and can be customized to fit with any event.

Still deciding if a photo booth is the right fit for your event? This article will focus on why we think a selfie station is necessary for your event and what features it can offer for you.

Corporate Event  

Sometimes it can be difficult to make corporate events fun and exciting. EventSnap helps get your guests engaged and mingling. Using EventSnap is also a great way to promote your company’s brand. EventSnap offers stand wraps and backdrops that can be customized to show off your company. We offer specialized branding that can be as broad as your company logo or as specific as a new product you are launching.

Have a big event and want to know who was in attendance or follow up? Our selfie station collects emails. As the host, you have access to these emails after the events. You can follow up with your guests post-event. This is a major way our photo booths differ from others.

Let’s break the ice! At a corporate event, it is the planner’s job to make sure that all guests are having a great time. Corporate event attendees may not know each other. EventSnap can help people feel more comfortable socializing with strangers and push them out of their comfort zone.


A photographer can only do so much on the day of your wedding. Using a photo booth can be an excellent way to capture the little moments. You guests can grab a prop and enjoy feeling like a kid again. You don’t have to be young to join in on the silly memories that can be captured from a photo booth; photo booths can be entertainment for all ages.

It no longer has to be a struggle to find personalized wedding favors for your event. EventSnap allows you to pick from digital screen art that can be customized to the theme of your wedding. Guests can look back on the photos from the event and remember all the good times they had at your wedding.

Birthdays, Graduation parties, etc.

The opportunities are endless! EventSnap offers features like customization, backdrops, and digital screen art make us an excellent choice for any type of event. If a superhero theme is your dream, we can make it happen!


Regardless of what type of event you are having, EventSnap will be the perfect addition. The selfie station allows you and your guests to make memories that will last a lifetime. Create your own experience! Be your own photographer!

 EventSnap offers a simple pricing structure with prices you can’t beat and we’re no- stress. Our displays are very easy to operate, and we provide training. We even offer an on-site attendant for a low rate.

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