A Brief History of the Photo Booth

There have been major breakthroughs in technology since the creation of the first photo booth. Several iterations have been developed over the years as technology has advanced.

When looking up the definition of a photo booth, it states that a photo booth is a “modern kiosk that contains an automated, usually coin-operated, camera and film processor.” This article will focus on the evolution of the photo booth and how EventSnap team has created a cutting-edge photo booth experience.

Early Beginnings

On the heels of several unreliable photo booth prototypes, the first successful prototype released in 1925. Anatol Josepho called his invention the Photomaton. This prototype had features that the world had never seen before. One aspect of this original photo booth that has stood the test of time is the giant red privacy curtain. The Photomaton was able to print off a film of eight photos in eight minutes.

Anatol knew he wanted a career in the photograph industry. He traveled around the world, opening his studios and developing his inventions. Josepho needed a fast and easy way to fund his vision. “I decided to come to America and hunt for backers,” Josepho told The New York Times in 1927. “I landed at Seattle. It struck me that I ought to go to Hollywood and get motion picture experience.” Once Joespho settled in New York, the Photomaton started growing at a rapid rate, and locations were being built all around the country. This was only the beginning.

Evolution of the Photo Booth

One thing that hasn’t changed throughout history is that people love taking pictures of themselves. The photo booth took this to a next level, and its popularity soared. The evolution of the photo booth is what made the popularity of the selfie station grow at such a rapid rate.

The photo booth has gone through many iterations since the days of the Photomaton. Advancements in technology have made photo booths easier to use, customizable, and more fun than ever. Most modern photobooths or selfie stations also provide photos instantly. (Thank goodness we no longer have to wait eight whole minutes!) Each photo booth has individual features that make it fun for all ages.

Photo booths have also caught up to our digital obsession. It is rare to go somewhere and not see people glued to their phones. Social media platforms have consumed our everyday lives. To accommodate, many photo booth (including EventSnap) make social sharing extremely easy.

EventSnap’s selfie station provides a more modern experience than the original Photomaton booth- and it also has features that set it apart from other photo booths available today. Our displays are highly portable, and the touchscreens are engaging and make the selfie-taking experience simple. The displays are also completely customizable. Our photo sharing is completely digital: just snap a photo, enter your email, and hit submit. You’ll receive your photo right away and be able to share it on social media immediately. You don’t have to worry about losing a physical photo!


Where will the photo booth go next? We can’t wait to see! Event Snap will keep evolving as time goes on and new technologies become available. We’ll always be your first choice for making event selfies a snap!


Birthday, and Wedding, and Corporate Events, Oh my! Strike a pose with EventSnap


Are you looking for a great way to spice up your event and keep your guests entertained? EventSnap is a customizable selfie station that delivers memories right into your email inbox. Our selfie station is easily portable and can be customized to fit with any event.

Still deciding if a photo booth is the right fit for your event? This article will focus on why we think a selfie station is necessary for your event and what features it can offer for you.

Corporate Event  

Sometimes it can be difficult to make corporate events fun and exciting. EventSnap helps get your guests engaged and mingling. Using EventSnap is also a great way to promote your company’s brand. EventSnap offers stand wraps and backdrops that can be customized to show off your company. We offer specialized branding that can be as broad as your company logo or as specific as a new product you are launching.

Have a big event and want to know who was in attendance or follow up? Our selfie station collects emails. As the host, you have access to these emails after the events. You can follow up with your guests post-event. This is a major way our photo booths differ from others.

Let’s break the ice! At a corporate event, it is the planner’s job to make sure that all guests are having a great time. Corporate event attendees may not know each other. EventSnap can help people feel more comfortable socializing with strangers and push them out of their comfort zone.


A photographer can only do so much on the day of your wedding. Using a photo booth can be an excellent way to capture the little moments. You guests can grab a prop and enjoy feeling like a kid again. You don’t have to be young to join in on the silly memories that can be captured from a photo booth; photo booths can be entertainment for all ages.

It no longer has to be a struggle to find personalized wedding favors for your event. EventSnap allows you to pick from digital screen art that can be customized to the theme of your wedding. Guests can look back on the photos from the event and remember all the good times they had at your wedding.

Birthdays, Graduation parties, etc.

The opportunities are endless! EventSnap offers features like customization, backdrops, and digital screen art make us an excellent choice for any type of event. If a superhero theme is your dream, we can make it happen!


Regardless of what type of event you are having, EventSnap will be the perfect addition. The selfie station allows you and your guests to make memories that will last a lifetime. Create your own experience! Be your own photographer!

 EventSnap offers a simple pricing structure with prices you can’t beat and we’re no- stress. Our displays are very easy to operate, and we provide training. We even offer an on-site attendant for a low rate.


3 ways EventSnap can help market your business

At a first glance, you might not think a photo booth is a helpful marketing strategy, but the EventSnap selfie station can help market your business with its customized photo frames and brandable exterior casing. Plus, EventSnap provides you with a list of email addresses of all selfie-takers after your event!

Customizable Ad Casing (show picture of customizable casing)

The EventSnap selfie station can help market your business at an event or tradeshow via a customizable casing option. The personalizable casing is a shell that wraps around the selfie station and can help bring brand awareness to your event, product, or organization. Using this casing wrap at a trade show can increase brand knowledge and stand out compared to other booths. EventSnap also offers customizable backdrops that can also be customizable with the organization’s brand, logo, or product. We believe that the selfie station is a great way to make your business memorable.

Sharing Customized Photos on social media (show picture of customizable casing)

Another marketing tool EventSnap utilizes is customizable photo frames. These photo frames are on the outside of the picture and can display messages, logos, or a personalized message. Customizing frames allows increased brand and event awareness when posted on social media platforms. If an individual posts a picture from a corporate event, their followers may look into this brand and become future customers. Many photo booths have old-school printed pictures, but EventSnap is ahead of the game with digital photos that can be shared with just one click. Our selfie station is a unique way to bring attention to your organization.

EventSnap Generated Email List

Unlike most photo booths, the selfie station is an excellent way to collect contact information. Before the guest takes a picture with the selfie station, they are prompted to input their email*. The email is primarily used to send the image to the guest but can also be used by the host post-event. At the end of the event, the host will receive a list of all emails and photos that were taken on the selfie station. Providing the host with the attendee’s emails gives them the opportunity to follow up or send information to these individuals. This is a great way to increase brand knowledge, remind attendees or your organization, or simply send out thank you notes.

*EventSnap has a disclaimer that the email address will be saved. Guests know that their email will be collected and will have to uncheck a box if they don’t want their email save


Why is Renting Better than DIY?

You may be considering a homemade alternative to a professional selfie station. Here are 6 reasons why renting from EventSnap is the way to go.

1. You don’t have to set it up

Why bother worrying about all the trouble of setting up a DIY selfie station when you can leave everything to us? While you enjoy your event, you can rest assured that the selfie station is handled. We will set up the selfie station prior to the event, offer support throughout, and tear everything down once all the fun is over.

2. No hassle of distributing photos to guests

EventSnap sends photos to selfie-snappers via email just seconds after the images are captured. With a DIY selfie station, you’ll have to go through the bothersome process of posting or distributing photos after the fact. Not only does EventSnap send out selfies during the event, allowing for convenient real-time sharing on social media platforms, but a collection of all the photos is provided to the event host via Dropbox afterward. 

3. Customization

If the DIY route seems attractive based on the customization factor, you’ll be interested to know that we offer a customized digital interface, photo frames and graphics, selfie station backgrounds, and even the physical wrap around the kiosk itself. Want to include your company logo, hashtag, sponsors, school colors, sports team, wedding date, new product being launched or something more? Our selfie station experience can be uniquely engineered to fit perfectly at your event with the help of our talented designers. Don’t need it customized? We also offer some great ready-made template designs (link).

4. It’s a marketing tool

EventSnap captures the emails of all the selfie-snappers at your event and compiles a list of opted-in contacts for you to use for your marketing purposes. As the host, you’ll receive a list of these contacts after the event.

The customizable kiosk wrap and digital interface also allow for additional brand visibility. Incorporate your logo or hashtag onto the images so that when attendees share their selfies on social media, they’re promoting your brand for you. It’s a win-win.

5. There’s no need to supervise

The interactive touchscreen display has simple, easy-to-follow prompts for guests. It’s a fun and streamlined selfie-taking experience that pretty much runs itself! We will also be on standby for any additional support needed.

6. Digital billboard capabilities

EventSnap can have dual purpose: Fun and function. With a single swipe, the selfie station’s large, 42” digital interface can be used to display your event’s agenda or announcements on another page if desired.

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What Makes Our Selfie Station Such a Snap? (Here’s Everything You Need to Know)

So, you’re wondering what makes EventSnap the ultimate solution to add a fun element of engagement to your next selfie-worthy occasion. Here are a few reasons why our selfie station experience will be a great addition to any event!

Innovative Design

The EventSnap selfie station is an open-air kiosk with a 42” touchscreen display, a low-cost, practical alternative to a traditional enclosed photo booth. The free-standing design easily accommodates group photos as well as solo shots. Background options are endless, transportation is simple, and its compact size allows the selfie station to fit in almost any space. But of course, there is plenty of room in the frame for fun props.


Our customization options take our service to the next level. EventSnap’s talented designers are able to incorporate an organization’s branding or fit the selfie station seamlessly into an event’s décor upon request. Whether it is a corporate event, graduation party, wedding, fundraiser, or any other selfie-worthy occasion, EventSnap is ready to fit into your branding and color scheme. The selfie station’s outer wrap, photo backdrop, digital interface, and photo frames can all be customized to your unique specifications.

Marketing Tool

The selfie station sends photos via email rather than providing a printed copy (which can get complicated and bothersome). Just a few seconds after the image is captured, it gets sent right to the selfie-snapper’s phone, making it convenient to share the image on any social media platform and spread the word about your event or organization. Additionally, as the event host, you gather a convenient list of opted-in contacts to use for your marketing purposes. Having EventSnap at your event not only serves as fun entertainment for your guests but also as a great networking and lead generation tool for your business.

Easy to Use

The large, interactive display guides users step-by-step through the selfie taking experience. Simple on-screen instructions streamline the selfie-snapping process to minimize confusion and maximize fun. Commemorating any event with a free, personalized digital keepsake is just a few user-friendly taps away. There is no attendant necessary to oversee selfie station use, it pretty much runs itself! But we do send support staff to help with setup and teardown as well as 2 hours of on-site support.



EventSnap’s pricing is simple and all-inclusive. We charge a flat rate for the use of our systems. There are no confusing “idle time” or set-up fees. Check out our pricing page for more details.

Think our selfie station may be the perfect fit for your next event? We do too.

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