3 ways EventSnap can help market your business

At a first glance, you might not think a photo booth is a helpful marketing strategy, but the EventSnap selfie station can help market your business with its customized photo frames and brandable exterior casing. Plus, EventSnap provides you with a list of email addresses of all selfie-takers after your event!

Customizable Ad Casing (show picture of customizable casing)

The EventSnap selfie station can help market your business at an event or tradeshow via a customizable casing option. The personalizable casing is a shell that wraps around the selfie station and can help bring brand awareness to your event, product, or organization. Using this casing wrap at a trade show can increase brand knowledge and stand out compared to other booths. EventSnap also offers customizable backdrops that can also be customizable with the organization’s brand, logo, or product. We believe that the selfie station is a great way to make your business memorable.

Sharing Customized Photos on social media (show picture of customizable casing)

Another marketing tool EventSnap utilizes is customizable photo frames. These photo frames are on the outside of the picture and can display messages, logos, or a personalized message. Customizing frames allows increased brand and event awareness when posted on social media platforms. If an individual posts a picture from a corporate event, their followers may look into this brand and become future customers. Many photo booths have old-school printed pictures, but EventSnap is ahead of the game with digital photos that can be shared with just one click. Our selfie station is a unique way to bring attention to your organization.

EventSnap Generated Email List

Unlike most photo booths, the selfie station is an excellent way to collect contact information. Before the guest takes a picture with the selfie station, they are prompted to input their email*. The email is primarily used to send the image to the guest but can also be used by the host post-event. At the end of the event, the host will receive a list of all emails and photos that were taken on the selfie station. Providing the host with the attendee’s emails gives them the opportunity to follow up or send information to these individuals. This is a great way to increase brand knowledge, remind attendees or your organization, or simply send out thank you notes.

*EventSnap has a disclaimer that the email address will be saved. Guests know that their email will be collected and will have to uncheck a box if they don’t want their email save