A Brief History of the Photo Booth

There have been major breakthroughs in technology since the creation of the first photo booth. Several iterations have been developed over the years as technology has advanced.

When looking up the definition of a photo booth, it states that a photo booth is a “modern kiosk that contains an automated, usually coin-operated, camera and film processor.” This article will focus on the evolution of the photo booth and how EventSnap team has created a cutting-edge photo booth experience.

Early Beginnings

On the heels of several unreliable photo booth prototypes, the first successful prototype released in 1925. Anatol Josepho called his invention the Photomaton. This prototype had features that the world had never seen before. One aspect of this original photo booth that has stood the test of time is the giant red privacy curtain. The Photomaton was able to print off a film of eight photos in eight minutes.

Anatol knew he wanted a career in the photograph industry. He traveled around the world, opening his studios and developing his inventions. Josepho needed a fast and easy way to fund his vision. “I decided to come to America and hunt for backers,” Josepho told The New York Times in 1927. “I landed at Seattle. It struck me that I ought to go to Hollywood and get motion picture experience.” Once Joespho settled in New York, the Photomaton started growing at a rapid rate, and locations were being built all around the country. This was only the beginning.

Evolution of the Photo Booth

One thing that hasn’t changed throughout history is that people love taking pictures of themselves. The photo booth took this to a next level, and its popularity soared. The evolution of the photo booth is what made the popularity of the selfie station grow at such a rapid rate.

The photo booth has gone through many iterations since the days of the Photomaton. Advancements in technology have made photo booths easier to use, customizable, and more fun than ever. Most modern photobooths or selfie stations also provide photos instantly. (Thank goodness we no longer have to wait eight whole minutes!) Each photo booth has individual features that make it fun for all ages.

Photo booths have also caught up to our digital obsession. It is rare to go somewhere and not see people glued to their phones. Social media platforms have consumed our everyday lives. To accommodate, many photo booth (including EventSnap) make social sharing extremely easy.

EventSnap’s selfie station provides a more modern experience than the original Photomaton booth- and it also has features that set it apart from other photo booths available today. Our displays are highly portable, and the touchscreens are engaging and make the selfie-taking experience simple. The displays are also completely customizable. Our photo sharing is completely digital: just snap a photo, enter your email, and hit submit. You’ll receive your photo right away and be able to share it on social media immediately. You don’t have to worry about losing a physical photo!


Where will the photo booth go next? We can’t wait to see! Event Snap will keep evolving as time goes on and new technologies become available. We’ll always be your first choice for making event selfies a snap!

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